Breaking Cycles of Poverty.

Creating Sustainable Change.

Expanding Proven Methods.

Second Chance Global believes that God designed each person to live out a specific purpose so that together we can fulfill an eternal assignment and impact our world.

40 Lives Touched

20 Lives Touched

10 Lives Touched

Our promise is to steward every dollar to maximize impact.

Our impact is unique by partnering with high-capacity local leaders, being people-focused, and ensuring there are opportunities of empowerment in everything that we do.

Spiritual Poverty

ends through acceptance and surrendering to Jesus.

Physical Poverty

ends with access to medical care and basic needs.

Emotional Poverty

ends through restored dignity and purpose.

Mental Poverty

ends through access to quality education.

Social Poverty

ends through access to opportunity.

Since 2016, we have impacted over 1 million lives,
served in two countries, and have had a total of $3.3 million given.

With that history in mind, it is undoubtedly a God-sized vision to believe that in a short three years,
we will see $3 million given towards impacting over 500,000 lives in three countries.

That’s just what we are believing will come to fruition by December 2026!

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