Our Story

Founders Jeffery and Ashley Petress began international mission work after Haiti's earthquake in 2010 that left hundreds of thousands of families displaced and thousands of children were moved into institutionalized living. Both Jeffery and Ashley felt a strong prompting that God was calling them to live the rest of their lives committed to serving His people. The Lord clearly called two very ordinary people to carry out an extraordinary plan. 

In the beginning, Jeffery and Ashley's experience centered around immediate relief and providing care for children in orphanages. Through the prayers that were spoken, wisdom that was gained, resources that were offered, and service that was sacrificed, Second Chance Global began to transition and focus efforts on self-sufficiency and empowerment. 

God made it evident the specific purpose of this ministry. Both through their own personal experience and first-hand experiences on the international mission field, it was clear that generational issues can be broken free allowing us to step into our God-given potential. All around the world, there are people who possess unique abilities to combat the challenges they face. Second Chance Global was birthed out of the restoration and miracle working power the Lord can offer to people and we want to expand that power into one nation at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end generational poverty through empowerment.

Our Vision

To maximize the development of each person to impact the world for Jesus.

What Makes Us Unique

Partnering With Local Leaders

People Focused


Our Values


Nothing we do means anything without Christ. He makes all things come together. Whether living in need or abundance, He is our hope and our reward.


We know true change doesn’t happen overnight. Each of our programs are designed to be sustainable, an investment for generations to come. We will remain committed to our work and the relentless pursuit of progress.


We are dedicated to empowering people to find their purpose, achieve their goals, and create a life of self-reliance. We believe in giving hand-ups and not hand-outs.

Impact Driven

It is our duty, goal, and obligation to make decisions that lead to authentic, sustainable life change which results in massive impact in the lives of those we serve.


We work directly with indigenous leaders to identify resources and solve problems together. We need a network of churches and organizations who are committed to working together to increase awareness, enhance cultivation, and expedite transformation.


We seek to do everything the best it can possibly be done, with utmost excellence, in a comprehensive manner. We have a responsibility to utilize all resources and talents to their fullest potential for God’s glory. We understand excellence does not result from occasional and unstructured activity, but rather through repeated and disciplined thought and action.

Financials & Accountability

At Second Chance Global, we believe in transparency and sharing the impact of your generosity together! Our guarantee is to steward each dollar for maximum impact.

Annual Reports

Statement of Faith


Support our mission and empower families with us!

Our Approach


• Port au Prince - Hope Medical Center
• Pierre Payen - Redemption Retreat
• Cap Haitian - House of Hope

We Break Cycles of Poverty

Providing reunification to broken families

Providing access to clean water

Providing access to quality medical care

Offering emergency relief as necessary

Providing locally led programs for discipleship

Providing 24/7 care
for the most
vulnerable children

Offering restorative
care such as social
workers and mental
health support

Create Sustainable Change

Providing teacher salaries, books, uniforms, classroom supplies, and a daily hot meal for students in school

Walking alongside young adults to properly transition them into society and independent living

Providing locally led programs for discipleship and social development to all ages

Offering trade courses and income opportunities to parents without a
skill or job

We believe God’s equipped us with a global mindset and powerful vision. After over 10 years in Haiti, we expanded into the Dominican Republic and continue exploring to launch change worldwide.Through our holistic approach in Haiti we are breaking cycles of poverty spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Each year we touch hundreds of thousands of lives through our approach so that each is maximizing their individual potential to impact the world for Jesus.

Dominican Republic

• Puerto Plata - Community Center

We Break Cycles of Poverty

Providing access to clean water

Providing access to quality medical care

Providing locally led programs for discipleship

Making pregnancy, geriatric, etc. care available as needed

Create Sustainable Change

Providing locally led
programs for discipleship
and social development
to all ages

Offering trade
courses and income
opportunities to parents
without a skill or job

We believe God’s equipped us with a global mindset and powerful vision. After many years of relationship, research, and self-sustaining efforts in partnership with high capacity local leaders in the Dominican Republic, we are exploring to launch change worldwide.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Tadd Grandstaff


Mike Davis


Joanie Chamberlain


Jeffery Petress, Jr.

Board Member

Ashley Petress

Board Member

Monta Pattison

Board Member

Jonathan Lawson

Board Member

Phillip Mercer

Board Member

Local Leaders

Pastor Deluc Silar

Local Leader - Haiti

Pastor Lamande

Local Leader - Dominican Republic


Local Leader - Dominican Republic

Etienne Bruny

Local Leader - Haiti


Ashley Petress

Founder, Executive Director

Jeffery Petress, Jr.

Founder, Pastor, Operations Director

Bekah Mahan

North Carolina Senior Ambassador

Britney Kandel

Purpose Project Coordinator


Haiti Programs Director

Dena Smith

Tennessee Senior Ambassador


Maintenance and Security Manager


Redemption Retreat Property Developer

Jocelyn White

Global Programs Director


Social Worker/Life Skills Mentor

Laura Alvis

North Carolina Ambassador Administrator

Liz Hart

Senior Ambassador

Marie Andrew

House of Hope Staff

Marisa Law

Ambassador Liaison


House of Hope Staff


House of Hope Staff


Redemption Retreat Property Developer

Paige Bost

Executive Assistant


Redemption Retreat Property Manager


Community Development Coordinator


Dominican Republic Programs Manager

Tori Garrison

Operations Coordinator


Education Interventionist

Ambassador Team

Angela Morgan

Donor Relations Ambassador

Billy Phipps

Development Ambassador

Brad Walker

Development Ambassador

Chad Haley

Development Ambassador

Constance Alston

Development Ambassador

Dailyn Clause

Creative Media Ambassador

Ezra Cate

Global Programs Ambassador

Hannah Cooper

Development Ambassador

Hayley Rhode

Development Ambassador

Katie Stalls

Development Ambassador

Kelly Rudd

Donor Relations Ambassador

Lorie Yoder

Development Ambassador

Lynne Gerber

Development Ambassador

Megan Yoder

Operations Ambassador

Todd Mahan

Development Ambassador