The Vision

On September 20th...

I woke up in the middle of the night with a vision from the Lord. I saw a landscape with mountains and trees, a river with a calm moving stream, and a small deer. It was quiet and I could hear the river moving. I zoomed in on the deer and realized it was a baby. As I focused on the deer, I could tell it was feeble and weak because as I looked that’s how I felt. In a moment, the deer felt the magnitude of something massive behind it and looked up from the stream. When the deer saw the mountain it was afraid.

I immediately felt scared, heavy, and my breath was shaky. I was fully awake and fully asleep at the same time. The deer trembled and as I watched it happen, I felt my body tremble. Although I was observing it in third person, I felt the emotions of the deer in first person. I realized at that moment that I was the deer. Shortly after, I zoomed back out and saw the full landscape I had been able to see before. This time, I saw an eagle enter through the sky. I watched it and zoomed in on its flight.

Then, my view changed and I had the perspective of the eagle. I was the eagle and I was flying over the mountain. I was looking straight down over it and it seemed so small. I immediately saw and felt weightless. I felt the wind blowing off all fear and anxiety. I could feel the wind in my face and I remember thinking, “I am asleep in my room. How do I feel the fresh wind in my face?”

That morning Jeffery and I got on our knees in our living room and prayed together.
Right as I had that thought, my eyes opened. I immediately heard the Lord say to me, “You can be the feeble deer or you can be with me and soar like an eagle.”

Here is what we realized:

• We had radical faith when we started Second Chance Global.

• We have walked out steps of obedience as the Lord has breathed life into this mission.

• We have seen miracles upon miracles take place. We moved into another country and expanded our ministry.

• We became satisfied and content with what the Lord was doing.We slowed down believing in Him for more. Over the last two and a half years as Haiti has gotten significantly worse, we went into survival mode.

Then, on September 20th, 2023 we wrote out fresh vision for Second Chance Global. We can’t wait to share with you what’s ahead.

Today, we are most thankful: Fresh vision for the future of Second Chance Global. The Promise Keeper. As we move forward in our vision to maximize the development of each person to impact the world for Jesus, we want to remind you that we don’t want to do it without you. You are a very important part to all of this.

As we were on our knees thanking the Lord for fresh fire, we thanked Him for you! Stay close, incredible things are ahead of us all.

-Ashley Petress
Executive Director/Founder

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